Wine Quiz: The Answers

Last time, I set you a wine quiz to test your knowledge and, hopefully keep you amused for a little while.  Those who tried the questions are, I’m sure, keen to know the answers and find out how well they did.

Question 1: The grapes used to make Prosecco are grown in vineyards about 50 miles north of Venice so answer (b) is correct.

Question 2: Margaret River is in Western Australia and so grapes from there could not be included in a bottle labelled ‘Wine of South-East Australia’.  Answer (c) is the one you were looking for.

Question 3: The highest altitude commercial vineyard in the world is Colomé Altura in northern Argentina at 3111m (10206 ft) above sea level.  Answer (d) is correct.

Question 4: Answer (a) Sicily – it not only produces the most wine of any Mediterranean island, it also produces more than the total of the other 3 islands named in the question taken together.

Question 5: Rosado, Blush and Chiaretto are all terms for rosé wine.  The odd one out is therefore (d) Tinto, which signifies a red wine in Spain and Portugal.

Question 6: I share my birth year with the first vintage of Penfolds Grange, so, although I would like the answer to be either (a), (b) or (c), the correct answer is (d) 1950s (and I’ll leave those of you who are interested to Google the actual year!)

Question 7: the ‘Chateau’ part of the name may sound French but Musar is actually Lebanon’s most famous wine.  You were looking for answer (c).

Question 8: Vintage Champagne must age for a minimum period of 3 years before it can be sold, so the most recent vintage you might find to buy now, in early 2021, is (c) 2017.  Earlier vintages will, of course, still be available but the 2018 and subsequent vintages are still ageing.

Question 9: The word ‘Trocken’ in German means dry so answer (c) is correct.  But beware: you might also see the word ‘trockenbeeren’ on a label which translates as ‘dried berries’ and a wine made from dried berries will usually be sweet.

Question 10: you are looking for answer (d) Luxembourg.  Citizens of that country consume an average of more than 60 litres of alcohol per person per year.  By comparison, here in the UK, the figure is 24.

So, how did you do?  If you got 9 or 10 correct: you are a Grand Cru wine quizzer; 7 or 8: Premier Cru; 5 or 6: Cru Bourgeois; 3 or 4: Vin Ordinaire; Less than 3: so long as you enjoy your wine, does it really matter?

Hope this quiz kept you amused and interested. Take Care and Stay Safe.

A Wine Quiz

With the current Covid restrictions likely to continue for a few more weeks at least, I thought you might like a little wine quiz to keep yourselves amused and your brains active during these difficult times.  I’ve given you 4 possible answers for each of the questions.  It’s just for fun and there are no prizes.  

  1. The vineyards used to make Prosecco are closest to which of these Italian cities?  (a) Milan (b) Venice (c) Rome (d) Turin

2. Wine from which of these areas could not be included in a bottle labelled ‘Wine of South-East Australia’?  (a) Adelaide Hills (b) Riverina (c) Margaret River (d) Barossa Valley

3. The highest altitude commercial vineyards in the world are found in which country?  (a) Algeria (b) Switzerland (c) Georgia (d) Argentina

4. Which of these Mediterranean islands produces most wine?  (a) Sicily (b) Sardinia (c) Corsica (d) Crete

5. Which of the following is the odd one out?  (a) Rosado (b) Blush (c) Chiaretto (d) Tinto

6. The iconic Australian red wine, Penfolds Grange, was first produced in which decade?  (a) 1980s (b) 1970s (c) 1960s (d) 1950s

7. Chateau Musar was first introduced to the UK public at the Bristol Wine Fair in 1978, but where is it produced?  (a) France (b) South Africa (c) Lebanon (d) Israel

8. By law, producers of Vintage Champagne must age it for a period of time before sale.  What is the most recent vintage of Champagne that you might find to buy now, in early 2021?  (a) 2015 (b) 2016 (c) 2017 (d) 2018

9. The word ‘Trocken’ on a German wine label indicates what sort of wine?  (a) Aged in oak barrels (b) Sparkling (c) Dry (d) Delicate and slightly sweet

10. Based on alcohol consumed per head of the population, which of the following countries contains the keenest drinkers?  (a) UK (b) Denmark (c) Croatia (d) Luxembourg

I’ll give you the answers next time.  Happy Thinking and Stay Safe. 

The Answers

Last time, in Bristol Wine Blog, I set you a little wine-related quiz to keep you amused and interested. Here, as promised, are the answers, so let’s see how you got on:

1 (d) Cabernet Sauvignon is the correct answer.

Bordeaux probably Cab S

According to the most recent survey, there are 290000 hectares (725000 acres) of it planted worldwide, about 10% more than the 2nd most planted variety, Merlot.

2 Although St. George is the patron saint of England, the grape variety Agiorgitiko, which translates as St. George, is native to Greece, so answer (a) is correct. For those who want to show off, the Greek name is pronounced ‘eye-your-yit-iko’.

3 Chablis, being part of Burgundy, is made from (b) Chardonnay.

4 Although Italy and France produce more wine, (b) Spain has the largest acreage of vines planted. The low rainfall across much of Spain means the vines are planted further apart to avoid competing with each other for moisture so the vineyard area is bigger.

5 (d) Classico is an Italian term for a wine produced from the traditional heart of a wine region and so is the correct answer. The other 3 options denote sparkling wines from France, Spain and South Africa.

6 Chianti comes from the Italian region of (a) Tuscany.

24 Ricasoli wines

7 Grapes have been grown in New Zealand almost since the time of the earliest European settlers, but the first Sauvignon Blanc was only planted there in (d) 1973.

8 (c) Alsace is the only part of France that allows Riesling to be planted. It is adjacent to Germany’s Baden and Pfalz regions that also grow the same variety.

9 The town of Casablanca is in Morocco but the wine region is on the coast of Chile, so answer (c) is correct.

10 Most Chateauneuf du Pape is a blend of Grenache and, perhaps, 2 or 3 other grape varieties.


But, in all, 18 different varieties are now allowed in the blend, 5 more having been added to the already ridiculous array a few years ago. Answer (a) is correct.

How did you do?

I’d suggest 9 or 10 correct: award yourself the title of Grand Cru; 7 or 8: Premier Cru; 5 or 6: Cru Bourgeois; 3 or 4: Vin Ordinaire; Less than 3: so long as you enjoy your wine, does it really matter?

Hope this quiz kept you amused and interested. Take Care and Stay Safe.



A Little Test

With no courses or tastings running for the foreseeable future, I put a wine quiz on the Stoke Lodge website to keep the students amused and their brains active during these difficult times.  The questions – with 4 possible answers for each – are shown below.  Try them for yourself.  It’s just for fun and there are no prizes.  Just to let you know, 2 people with reasonably good wine knowledge each scored 7 out of 10, so, perhaps it’s not as easy as it looks at first.

1 What is the most widely planted wine grape in the world?

(a) Pinot Grigio (b) Merlot (c) Chardonnay (d) Cabernet Sauvignon

2 Where would you be most likely to find a wine made from the grape variety St. George?

(a) Greece (b) New Zealand (c) England (d) Portugal

3 Chablis is made from which grape variety?


(a) Chenin Blanc (b) Chardonnay (c) Sauvignon Blanc (d) Pinot Grigio

4 Which country of the world has the largest acreage of vines planted?

(a) Italy (b) Spain (c) Australia (d) France

5 Which of the following terms does not indicate a sparkling wine?


(a) Cremant (b) Cava (c) Cap Classique (d) Classico

6 From which Italian region does Chianti come from?

(a) Tuscany (b) Piedmont (c) Lombardy (d) Veneto

7 Sauvignon Blanc is New Zealand’s most popular grape variety. But when was it first planted there?

Greywacke Sauv Bl

(a) 1873 (b) 1923 (c) 1953 (d) 1973

8 Which is the only French wine region that allows Riesling to be planted?

(a) Burgundy (b) Bordeaux (c) Alsace (d) Champagne

9 Where is the Casablanca wine region?

(a) Morocco (b) California (c) Chile (d) South Africa

10 Chateauneuf du Pape is usually made from a blend of different grape varieties. But how many varieties are now allowed in the blend?

(a) 18 (b) 10 (c) 7 (d) 3

Happy Thinking and Stay Safe.  I’ll give you the answers next time.