A Wine Quiz

With the current Covid restrictions likely to continue for a few more weeks at least, I thought you might like a little wine quiz to keep yourselves amused and your brains active during these difficult times.  I’ve given you 4 possible answers for each of the questions.  It’s just for fun and there are no prizes.  

  1. The vineyards used to make Prosecco are closest to which of these Italian cities?  (a) Milan (b) Venice (c) Rome (d) Turin

2. Wine from which of these areas could not be included in a bottle labelled ‘Wine of South-East Australia’?  (a) Adelaide Hills (b) Riverina (c) Margaret River (d) Barossa Valley

3. The highest altitude commercial vineyards in the world are found in which country?  (a) Algeria (b) Switzerland (c) Georgia (d) Argentina

4. Which of these Mediterranean islands produces most wine?  (a) Sicily (b) Sardinia (c) Corsica (d) Crete

5. Which of the following is the odd one out?  (a) Rosado (b) Blush (c) Chiaretto (d) Tinto

6. The iconic Australian red wine, Penfolds Grange, was first produced in which decade?  (a) 1980s (b) 1970s (c) 1960s (d) 1950s

7. Chateau Musar was first introduced to the UK public at the Bristol Wine Fair in 1978, but where is it produced?  (a) France (b) South Africa (c) Lebanon (d) Israel

8. By law, producers of Vintage Champagne must age it for a period of time before sale.  What is the most recent vintage of Champagne that you might find to buy now, in early 2021?  (a) 2015 (b) 2016 (c) 2017 (d) 2018

9. The word ‘Trocken’ on a German wine label indicates what sort of wine?  (a) Aged in oak barrels (b) Sparkling (c) Dry (d) Delicate and slightly sweet

10. Based on alcohol consumed per head of the population, which of the following countries contains the keenest drinkers?  (a) UK (b) Denmark (c) Croatia (d) Luxembourg

I’ll give you the answers next time.  Happy Thinking and Stay Safe. 

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